Mental Terrorism/Losing Weight

I wrote this for Just Think Newsletter Vol 62 , thought i would also share it on my site

Mental Terrorism/Losing Weight:

"I'm on a diet" "I don't eat pork" "I don't smoke" "I don't drink"

How often have you heard these statements and others similar to them? Many of us work to keep our bodies looking and feeling good with different forms of exercise, proper diet or rest. But what about our minds? Do we actively filter what we ingest as we would with food? Negative thoughts can be just like putting poison in our bodies.

Why work hard 4 days a week to have the perfect body but allow trash to infiltrate your mind. A friend of mine remarked there are mental terrorists whose sole purpose is to wage war on the rest of us who want to keep a clean mind. I found that hilarious and suggested a mental purge for those infected.

With so many outlets for us to freely absorb thoughts (twitter,facebook,etc) are we unknowingly receiving negative energy from a person who we should have no business reading up on ? Not saying that everything you read should be powerful and uplifting but the next time you read a negative tweet,text,email or facebook status bashing people, remember the power of suggestion is very strong.

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