From the Ella Bleu Newsletter- "Your Best Bet (Why We Lie to Women)"

Disclaimer: Just my opinion for a certain situation,doesn't apply to all and I'm not Dr.Phil

The first tip I gave was to believe there are good men and learn how to recognize such. This is part two, keep your expectations to yourself. Why? Because then you allow the other person to act "natural" and not try to fit the "mold" that you are laying out. The best way to really get to know someone is to nurture an environment where they can be themselves. If they're not the type to open doors,bring you flowers and chocolates every week, let them show you in their own way that they're interested or care about you. Everyone doesn't fit that Disney Fairy tale image of showing up in shining armor with roses,diamonds,castles and flowers (all material things).

A person can't keep it "Real" with you if you don't let them....

Written Humbly by me for you.

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