Seen it.Like a 27 inch Zenith.Believe it.

It's funny how the Kanye interruption seems to have more coverage and bother more people deeply than the President being interrupted. More confusing still is the strong opposition to trying to find a way for people to afford healthcare.
This whole healthcare thing seems to be such a major issue for people as if trying to help another human being is the equivalent of dropping a nuclear bomb. I hear the "leave things as they are" rhetoric but has that ever worked ? If something isnt working why not try something else?
What if we just left things as they were since the conception of this country called America.....

An older lady once remarked to me that things were easier back in the old days,goods were cheaper,there wasn't that much competition for jobs,money was worth more but then she threw in ,except for that slavery stuff though....

RIGHT! (insert the "things shouldn't change way of thinking here)

We can send aid to other countries, fight for animal rights,send threats to people who run abortion clinics but to at least try to find a way that healthcare can be both reasonable and affordable for employers,employees and the uninsured seems to be too much.

We see there's a problem but ignoring it won't make it go away.


"i seen it like a 27 inch zenith..believe it" (c) RAEkwon