HOW to share internet over bluetooth from your treo to the imac

Here's how i did it on my Sprint windows mobile treo 700wx....

1st: Turn on bluetooth on your treo and make it discoverable

2nd: Go to the bluetooth icon on the top right of your mac screen,click SETUP BLUETOOTH DEVICE then the bluetooth setup assistant window will pop up,click continue

3rd: You will see the choose device type window click ANY DEVICE and it should find your treo click next

5tht: Then the mac will give you a passkey to setup the pairing of the mac and the computer,enter this code on your phone

6th: Then you will see a window saying choose what services to use from your phone.The option to use the internet connection should alredy be selected,click next

7th: Now you will see Bluetooth Mobile Phone Set up window,leave everything blank except where it says phone #, in the that slot enter #777,

also for modem script, i chose sprint pcs vision but i also think you can choose bluetooth modem,make sure the choice to show modem status is highlighted

8th: Now you will see a little phone icon on the top right of your screen,click on it and open internect connect ,then click bluetooth,then click connect....

make sure you shut down internet explorer on your phone before you click connect,
if this doesnt work the first time just end all programs on your treo and try it again,or take the battery out and put it back in.

Dont forget to turn off "make phone discoverable" after you pair up your mac and the treo

This hack comes in real handy when you're on the road,in a place where there's no wifi or just dont want to spend extra for internet when you already have it on your phone.The connection speed is pretty good considering that you're connected over bluetoooth. If you would like to share internet over a Usb,you will need some software called the Missing Sync,which also lets you sync your address book.a simple google search will pull that up.

It can be done with blackberrys and a bunch of other phones also.
For a detailed description of how to do it on other carriers or other phones click the links below

for TREO 650

for Blackberry