You've seen her in everything from KING magazine to SMOOTH magazine to John Legend's Heaven only knows video and even 50 cent's Candy Shop video. IT'S TIARA and guess what,i interviewed her.

Q;It's a new year and with all this talk about change,did you make any new years resolutions?

TIARA: I don't make new years all thruout the year i make efforts to work on myself and constantly work on bad habits....

Q;You have quite a resume as far as modeling goes but you also do a bit of web design,what got you interested in that?

TIARA: Well Im somewhat of a control freak and very independent in the sense that I don't like to have to rely on anybody to do anything for me so things that pertain to me personally I like to know how to do myself, so I taught myself how to make websites and a few people along the way have really helped me out over the years so I learned alot....

Q;Ok so you know a thing or two about computers and html code,nice. are there any gadgets that you must have with you when you're out and about?

TIARA: Im a computer geek, but not really a gadget geek..I gotta have my ipod when i work out and when im on airplanes....other than that...I like playin around with my verizon voyager....the iphone

Q;Is there any favorite song that stays on repeat in your ipod?

TIARA: Mary J Blige, Just Fine is my favorite jam now....I love the lyrics and energy of that song and its how I feel the majority of the time in life...Just Fine....

Q;Photoshoots have you working in exotic locations but,where would you say you like to visit on your own time?

TIARA: Bermuda...its a beautiful island with the prettiest beaches and scenery,Turks and CAicos....also very beautiful, small and cozy , not too crowded, great place if you want to get away and relax and chill out I love the water and I love island

Q;A quiet getaway and relaxing sounds say you do yoga too,love to cook And you also eat healthy,WOW,BUT is there a guilty pleasure that you allow yourself ?

TIARA: I put alot of effort into eating healthy, however when Im on the road its harder to keep up with it, so I dont deprive myself of anything if I particularly want it...I had a cinnabon the other day, but I don't eat them often..even tho they are ooooooooooooo good...but I do treat myself to Coldstone ice cream from time to time

Q;For the folks who arent lucky enough to meet you in person yet,what's something that they might not expect if they met you?

TIARA: That Im bigger and taller than they think I am from my pictures....I have thighs like a NFL and Im over 6 ft tall in heels...but I am funny and I love to laugh and make people laugh and feel friends call me goof troop

Q; 6ft?? lol at that one.what should people look forward to from you in the rest of 08?

TIARA: Im doing my own Calendar project for 08-09, releasing my second dvd and plan on doing several more....Im doing a new website that will focus on overall health,mental, spiritual and physical so that will be launching in 08 as well

“It is what we think we know already that often prevents us from learning."

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