My Photography:MillerCoors 2nd Annual TAP awards

As MillerCoors photographer i documented MillerCoors 2nd annual T.A.P. Awards, hosted by Ramona Debreaux (Radio Personality, V-103) and Dennis "Ale Sharpton" Byron Jr. (Beer Connoisseur Magazine), which honored award recipients Terri Vaughn (actress), R&B crooner Verse Simmonds and many more.The Bradford galleries was converted into an interactive environment featuring all of the MillerCoors portfolio of brands including, Berry Weiss, Blue Moon, Coors Light, Miller Light and Peroni Italy.

2011's distinguished T.A.P. Award Honorees included:

1. MillerCoors T.A.P Award - Platinum Seller of the Year- AG Entertainment
2. MillerCoors T.A.P Award - Sports Bar of the Year - Dugan's
3. MillerCoors T.A.P Award - Restaurant/Lounge of the Year - Do Restaurant
4. MillerCoors T.A.P Award - Co-Promoter of the Year - Botchey & Certified Ent
5. MillerCoors T.A.P Award - Co-Promoter of the Year - Traxx Girls
6. MillerCoors T.A.P Award - For Raising the Bar - The Four Corner Circle, LLC
7. MillerCoors T.A.P Award - Premium Infuencer of the Year - Terri J. Vaughn (actress)
8. MillerCoors T.A.P. Award - Sound of the City - Verse Simmonds (Konvict/ Universal)
9. MillerCoors T.A.P. Award - Business Visionary of the Year - Chef Jason Ellis

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